How To Teach Baby Sign Language To Your Baby

Prior to mastering the art of speech, your baby has great difficulty in communicating his needs to you. This can cause frustration for you both - yet there is a solution. Baby sign language is rapidly becoming popular as a means of recognizing - and responding to - a baby's needs.

You can start very early in teaching your baby sign language but at around seven to eight months they start to take notice of your signing.  It is important to understand that babies can communication very well with sign language rather than with speech at this young age.

Some parents fear that using baby sign language may hamper their child's speech development later on. Research into this subject, however, shows that children taught baby sign in infancy go on to develop superb language skills. In some cases, they may learn to speak earlier and often have an increased ability to learn a second language.

Baby Sign Language
There are other benefits to introducing baby sign language. Studies indicate that children who sign often develop a higher than average IQ. The major advantage for parents, of course, is to be able to identify their baby's needs and respond appropriately, easing the frustrations that can lead to tantrums. Once this channel of communication is open, many parents feel that a deeper bond with their child is formed, creating a great sense of harmony.

There are several available methods that can help you learn to sign with your baby.  Learning along with your baby will be fun as no prior knowledge is needed. Make sure that when you introduce a sign to your baby that you also say the word.  It is also important to use the signs consistently no matter where you are.  Another important thing to note is to make sure that your child's care givers also are able to sign with your  child.

Most people prefer to use a conventional sign language while other parents like to invent their own signs that they teach to their children.  However, using conventional signing means that other people will be able to recognize the signs.  In order to learn this new skill, you will need a book or DVDs or possibly even flashcards; all of which are available on the market.

Taking into account the benefits that this simple communication can bring, it's no wonder that more and more parents are using baby sign language and achieving a fascinating insight into their babies' minds!

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